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Youngsters can feel at ease, yet go places with "MEDITATION".

A child’s mind is like a sponge. It absorbs things very easily. Their mind is like an open door where good and bad things can enter.

As one gets older, becomes a teenager, social media and peer pressure play an important role in their life.

So where does meditation come in? Every time we open a snap chat or an Instagram post or news flash, our mind does a yo-yo. So how does a teenager who is going through so many questions- who am I, am I good enough, am I cool enough or smart enough, and to top it all, the question about the future.

How is one meant to or able to think clearly with so much going around at a mental, physical, and emotional level.

So why do teenagers meditate or need to? Our books and studies say —-

a)Mediation makes us mentally and emotionally stronger.

b) Reduces stress.

c) Reduces anxiety.

d) Provides restful sleep.

So what is emotionally stronger mean? With meditation, young people can step back from a situation and choose to not instantly react or take action. Often quick reaction in person or on media leads to a chain of events which can lead to long-term repercussions for them.

What is physically stronger? When we are able to see that most things thrown at us do not need to cause stress and anxiety, then our body gets a signal “ALL IS WELL”. The digestive system relaxes, digests food and good assimilation takes place. The body at the cellular level remains happy.

The side effect of meditation-

1) Decision-making becomes easy. Do I go out tonight or not, which subject should I pursue….

2) Happy moments suddenly make more of an appearance than unhappy ones.

3) Intuitive ability seems to occur more often than not. Which questions are more important for the exam and which are not.

4) Working hard seems a lot easier.

5) Friends want to be around you because you make a lot of sense, most of the time.

Why would teens want to wait for a simple magic pill, which is also free?

Start with your favorite piece of music . Close your eyes and just focus on your breath. Make sure the piece of music is not too long to start with.

Begin with -5 minutes. Small steps. Anytime, anywhere. Don’t give it up. Give yourself a massive star or hug or appreciation for doing it every day.

You need it, we all need it.

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