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Each one of us has our own set of unique expertise, that we are constantly developing.

Together, we are able to create simple solutions and recommendations that are guaranteed to improve the quality of life and overall happiness that we all experience. 

Our Method 

Our focus lies on creating a daily lifestyle to sustain good health, wellbeing, and a state of balance. 

We study each individual's unique constitution and create a routine to restore the loss of equilibrium in the body, mind, and spirit 


This is done by introducing you to various practices detailed below



Yoga has 8 limbs. 

Yama, niyama, Asana, Pranayama,Pratyahara, Dharana, Dhyana, Samadhi. 

Yamas and Niyamas are ethical guidelines which help us cultivate the right attitude towards ourselves and others in society. In turn, this prepares us to stay centred no matter what the outside world throws at us. 
Asanas are stretches combined with deep and  long inhalations /exhalations practiced with the right mental attitude. This approach helps us move beyond our comfort zone with a complete sense of ease and balance.


Ayurveda says that we are born with 5 elements. From the lightest to the densest we have Air, Space, Fire, Water, and Earth.  In each of our bodies, these 5 elements come together to form a unique ratio .


This makes our individual constitution, our Prakruti. 

If we follow a lifestyle specific to our unique constitution,  we stay balanced and healthy. 

Respecting this individual body type, Ayurved guides us to becoming healthy through daily routines, food and herbs. 

Image by Chinh Le Duc

Breathing & Meditation 

Breathing and Meditation are the limbs of yoga. 
Breathing is our strongest tool. It is our means to control our monkey MIND. 

Regular practice of controlled breathing can work like pure magic, down to the cellular level in our BODY. 

Our overworked mind needs rest to save it from exhaustion which can result in negativity. Meditation is that deep relaxation which even sleep cannot guarantee. 

It can be guided or self.

Food & Home Remedies

Food is a blessing from our planet but when we do not eat according to our Prakriti or unique constitution it can result In imbalance which could lead to diseases.

Ayurveda focuses on understanding the right food for our constitution and digestive capacity, eating food according to the season, consuming correct combinations, fresh and local ingredients 


Come and join us in cultivating these practices in our daily lives. 
We will fully support you as you take baby steps forward.

Gradual progress brings in permanent progressive change.

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