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Cooking - A Sacred act!

Ayurveda and yoga see everything as vibrations.

Every fruit, vegetable, herb, spice …… has a certain vibration.

Even the person who is cooking has a certain vibration that is being transferred to the food.

So, before you enter the kitchen, give a moment's thought to the emotion you are experiencing then . That will also be the emotion that will be transferred to food you cook and eventually to all those consuming this food.

Joy, love, anger, worry, envy ….. it’s your choice.


Before you start cooking in your playing field ....your kitchen, your center for creativity-

-Say a small prayer

-If you can use music, chants, or sing whatever it takes to bring yourself to the present moment and ease out any negative emotion that you may be experiencing.

-Wash your hands and BEGIN.

Cook 1 dish or two dishes or a feast but make sure it is -

- fresh

-made with love

- has multiple colors

- don’t forget spices and herbs

- all in-season vegetables and fruits

If you are not the artist of your painting, chef of your food makes sure the person cooking is kind loving, or just simply put on happy music in the background. It’s a trick to change the vibrations of any environment 🤗

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