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Richa Malik 

Ayurveda gave me what I was looking for.  A connection to nature and herbs, yoga and pranayama, but most importantly, simple and easy hacks to living well.

After a master's in Sociology and Fashion, I stumbled upon Ayurveda and realized that all along I had been living life with its values.


I completed my master's in Ayurveda in 2006 from Middlesex University, London. Ever since, I have been on the journey of learning more, teaching and practicing

From knowledge for a long life to knowledge about myself” is something I believe Ayurveda had taught me.

Kavita Mathur

My love for the Yoga way of life began about 15 years ago when I was introduced to the first two limbs of an eightfold path of Yoga- the yamas and the niyamas.


I am a certified Yoga teacher from Yoga Institute Mumbai and a certified kids’ yoga teacher from YogaKids International, Michigan. I have completed an advanced diploma course in Yoga from the University of Mumbai, a personal counseling course from the Institute of Human Technology, India, and trained in yin yoga.


I am gratified with my studies and qualifications but my real achievements lie in my love and for Yoga and I am committed to continuous learning, experiencing, and sharing this passion.

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Maya Singh 

I am a nutritionist and kitchen expert with an Msc in home-science from Baroda (India), 50 years of teaching students about food, Ayurvedic cooking, pranayama, yoga, and meditation.


To me, life has been like knitting a colorful pullover. At the start, you are given all these colors but it is up to you to decide what to make of them. My heart is in my kitchen and I am blessed to be sharing it with all of you.

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