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Whats so special about 13th April'21 ?

What’s so special about today

Globally in spirit...

Today is special for all of us.

Various communities in the world are celebrating today

- it is the start of a new year according to the lunar calendar, for many of us.

- It is the start of a holy month where we focus on our journey within.

- It is the day of the spring festival, the harvest festival for many of us.

- It is also believed to be the day when the universe was created... so it is the day of the beginning of a new age.

- We start the day by oiling our bodies and then bathing.

- We include all the 6 tastes in our food

Sweet, sour, salty, bitter, astringent, pungent.

- We decorate our homes.

- It’s a day full of energies loaded with happiness, joy, and abundance.

- We hug friends, forgive enemies and make new bonds.

Let’s celebrate this day together globally.

We start the day by chewing

- 5-6 neem leaves

-5 peppercorns

- pinch of rock salt

-pea-sized ball of jaggery.

This also signifies that bitterness and sweetness in life are just 2 sides of the same coin. They will always exist accept both knowing, understanding, and believing that nothing is permanent.

The only permanent thing in the world is change.

All about neem ....THE CLASSIC HERB FOR OPTIMAL herb for outer and inner skin health.

-do not ever take neem for more than 7 days.

-young fresh leaves of neem are more beneficial to consume.

-neem is harvested in spring and can be taken off and on till autumn.

- proliferates new good bacteria in spring.

- keeps the heat down in the body in summer.

-helps detox in autumn.

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