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Oil to massage your unique body type.

The best oils for each dosha/body type

VATA - Sesame, Olive, sunflower.

PITTA - Coconut, sunflower,

KAPHA - Sesame, olive.

-If you feel dry, your mind is always racing and you feel anxious easily, get up early hours of the morning feeling tired.

-Use Vata oils.

-Use gentle strokes to calm your body down.

-If you often feel hot, often angry, spices cause acidity, skin gets inflamed easily, -Use Pitta oil.

-The massage strokes can be firmer.

-If you are feeling heavy, lethargic, dull, cold, and have oily skin.

-Use Kapha oils.

-You can give yourself a vigorous massage to create heat and move the lymph system ( upward strokes).

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