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According to Ayurveda what is Nasya —-

Nasya is a procedure of pouring medicated oil or medicated herbal powder or herbal decoction or herbal juice or medicated ghee to help access the Brain, Throat, Sinuses, Gums, teeth, eyes & throat.

Essentially, a few drops of oil in our nostrils have a great effect on all of the above.

According to the ayurvedic texts it helps with ——

-Clearing sinuses, Headache, Migraine, Sinus pain, and congestion.

-Stiffness or pain of head, neck, or jaw

-Toothache, loose teeth, receding gums

-Hoarseness of voice

-Twitching or drooping eyelids

-Tingling sensations on the face

-Obstruction in throat Uvulitis, Tonsillitis, Laryngitis, Pharyngitis

-Speech disorders and loss of speech

-Bell’s Palsy (facial paralysis)




-Depleted sexual energy

-Any disorders above the clavicle area

Now let's make it easier for ourselves-


- clears out the sinuses as a lot of mucus starts to collect at the back of our throat and we need to spit it out

- there is a sense of lightness in the face region, especially around the eyes.

- heaviness in the head region reduces. almost feels like the thinking gets clearer.

- the 4 pm addition Nasya calms us down

The procedure

-Tip your head back or lie on a sofa or bed and then administer the oil.

-Exhale fully.

-Then put 2 to 3 drops in the first nostril and sniff deeply. Then follow the same with the other nostril.

What oils can we use for nasya

-Sesame oil

-Anu Taila

to start with.


-Children (under 7)

-Old age (over 80)


-Just before or after shower/bath

-Indigestion or full stomach


-Hunger or Hypoglycaemia

-Thirst or Dehydration





-Just having done panchakarma

-Same time as neti pot


-Nasya is best done on an empty stomach.

-It is normal to taste the oil in the back of your mouth or even to have some dripping out of your nostrils for a couple of minutes after the practice.

-Try not to lie down after having done nasya.

Contact us if you need any further guidance.

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