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Updated: May 2, 2020


The day I first realized that someone, somewhere in the world was already meditating whenever I sat to practice my meditation, something shifted for me. Someone or maybe a thousands of someone’s, at every moment, on this planet were already co creating a strong meditative field. All I had to do was to join them.

What is meditation?

It is the deepest form of rest.

When we sit for meditation …. many thoughts will rage inside us. We should treat these thoughts as though they are flies hovering around us. Don’t worry about them. Let them go on buzzing. Eventually they will become fewer and fewer.

Why do I need to meditate

· Creates stillness in this fast life.

· Stops unnecessary mental chatter.

· Slows us down physically.

· Rekindles our fading energy.

· Gives answers to stuck problems.

· Digests thoughts, ideas and experiences.

· Enlarges our perspective. Reduces our ego. I , ME, MINE.

· We gain access to our inner voice or our intuition.

· With every meditation, we feel energized again , almost like a rebirth to the day .

Proven benefits of meditation for the scientific mind

· 8 weeks of meditation makes grey matter more dense in areas related to memory, learning and greater emotional quotient

· Meditation Increases empathy, pain tolerance and decreases anxiety and depression.

· Meditators have greater alpha waves responsible for happiness, love and positivity.

· Meditation increases the size of our telomeres [proteins] which protect our DNA. Decreased telomeres are seen cancer, diabetics, cardiovascular diseases etc.

What do I require to do?


Take some time out every day at the same time to sit in silence.

How to start?

First and foremost is to take baby steps.

Try starting with just a minute. Try to give that one minute your 100 % awareness.

Also try to sit in the same place and at the same time every day.

First thing in the morning and last thing at night are great times of the day to start with. Right on your bed…just slide the pillow to a sitting position…focus on your breath and sit for about a minute before you get going.

The other way to get going is a longer meditation…10 min or so. Let it be guided but make sure you do it.

Faith is all that is required from you initially. Just practice every single day with faith.

Don’t judge the quality of your meditation.

Don’t expect any outcome from it.

Don’t compare how you are feeling in your meditation today to any other day.

Don’t let anyone else’s experience affect your practice.

It is only your journey…savor it all along.

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