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Mantra chanting and the mind.

'Mananat trayate iti mantrah'

mantra chanting

-helps clear our mind

focus our energy in the present moment.

How does it work?

- 60,000 thoughts cross our mind in a day.

- We are aware of only 500.

- 70 to 80% of the thoughts are repeated.

- The negative thoughts drain our energy.

- In the long run, they lead to dis-ease.

Here is a solution!

- Mind can be stubborn.

- It thrives on negative thought or a negative thought pattern that it be spiraling down on.


- solution lies in giving a new route to the mind.

- Breaking the thought pattern.


- that is where a

- Chanting a mantra

- Saying a prayer

- Manifesting a positive thought instead.


A mantra/manifestation that always works.

“May I be well

May I be happy

May I be safe

May I be at ease.”

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