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Letting go

Mind gets in the mode of likes, dislikes, love, hate, happiness, unhappiness. ‘Me and mine’ seem to take over our days and life.

‘I need my space’.

‘This is my time’.

Are being used far too often.

These thoughts follow a pattern of regularly appearing in our mind. To the point of trapping us in the boundaries created by them. When these are not fulfilled we get irritated, frustrated, angry, upset, and unhappy.

Eg suppose where we have created a discipline of food, sleep, exercise, walk timings labeling it as ‘me time’. Since we are all householders; there is a high likelihood that on certain days this routine is bound to be disrupted by circumstances and people.

There are days our ‘duties’( professional or household) and ‘to do’ lists can take over our whole day leaving no time for ourselves.

Now, why are we talking about all this?

Because we cannot prevent what’s happening in the outside world. But, we have complete control over our inside world. That is, I can prevent a negative reaction within myself.

Why do I need to prevent the negative reaction?

-because it drains my energy.

-because it creates dis-ease in my body. 80% of the diseases start from the mind.

So, how do we prevent the reaction within myself?

By learning to ‘let go’ and ‘ detach’.

Let’s create a step by step approach to this develop this within us.

1. Awareness’ towards the fact that I am becoming very sticky and sensitive about doing things in a specific way and in a particular time zone.

2. Accepting the situation. What is not in our control should be accepted. Constantly fighting and resisting it creates negative energy within us. Once you have done what was in your capacity, drop it.

3. Create harmony with the emotions you are experiencing.

How do I do this?

- By telling myself that ‘it’s ok to feel the way I am feeling ‘. It is a passing emotion. ‘This too shall pass’.

- Identify the emotion you are experiencing eg ‘ I feel frustrated, angry inside me because.....I preplanned and worked hard to organize everything before my guests arrive .... so that they would be comfortable... I could enjoy myself with them, I could still find time for my kids and my daily routine. Then my refrigerator broke down... all the prep went down the drain, I have been chasing the customer service all day.... everything I had planned is down the drain.

- [ ] So now I accept my emotion.

- [ ] Physically identify the area where I am experiencing it eg stomach, chest etc.

- [ ] Be with it.

- [ ] Breath into it. Long and deep inhalations and exhalations.

- [ ] ‘What we resist will persist, what we accept will gradually dissolve itself’.

- [ ] We will observe the emotion easing up and we will begin feeling lighter.

This gets better and better with practice.

This is it...

We gradually start developing the skill to 'let go

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