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Let's protect our "lifeforce" or "Prana" by being more aware of our thoughts.

Our sense organs like the eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and skin are the ones that connect us to the outside world. These sense organs send messages to the brain and our brain activates a thought. We believe this thought to be real and we direct all our energy or Prana (life force) into obtaining it.

Let’s take today's scenario of constantly being bombarded with social media. Sitting anywhere we have the world in our palm in just one click.

This click can be very useful. It helps us stay in touch with all our near and dear ones. It also helps us create like-minded communities that can interact and grow together.

The click can also be extremely unhealthy. What about the other times when we are watching other people’s lives or getting roped in by adverts or sucked in by fake political news which often leaves us with energy-draining negative thoughts. Also, often seeing the so to say ‘perfect’ lives of everyone around us as reflected by the social media platforms makes us feel like our achievements tend to fall short.

What do you think will happen to our prana or life force at times like this?

In short, our Prana gets drained out of our body thinking of our shortcomings, our deficiencies, and our lack of everything because we will never be good enough.

And of course, we also multitask, our phone always next to us, with one hand typing on the computer or our to-do list next to us and coffee in one hand.

As a result, our prana is getting pulled in all directions. Do you really think anything will get done with ease and to its optimum?


Protect your prana by being aware of your thoughts

Every second our mind is interpreting a situation we are in. It would be wonderful if it would always be positive. Then life would be lived with ease. But, the human tendency is to often misinterpret it.

We have a solution. Any given situation will create a thought and a reaction to this thought. Although the choice to act upon it lies with us. How do we create a gap between our thoughts and our action or reaction?

By doing breathwork once a day.

  • Take belly breaths.

  • Breath into your belly with a count of 4, hold your breath for 4 counts, and breath out for 6 counts. Do this10 times.

By going inwards, maybe for just 5 minutes each day.

  • Start by closing your eyes. Just take five long and deep belly breaths. Then take your attention to whether the breath is hot or cold. Slowly and gently shift your attention to which nostril is more open. Follow your inhalation and imagine it moving from your nostril to your throat and reaching your lungs and expanding them. Then follow your exhalation. The same air traveling out from your lungs into your throat and out through your nostrils. Also simultaneously observe the rising and falling of your chest. Take five such breaths. Then slowly open your eyes.

Both these practices will help us to live more and more in the present moment and also become aware of our thoughts. When we are aware of our thoughts, we can be in control of our actions and reactions.

Doing one task at a time

  • Be present to the task at hand. Even if you think you can do more than one thing at a time try to focus on doing one thing only.

  • When we do more than one task at a time you will soon realize none is done thoroughly. Your focus and your prana gets distributed into different tasks. How can anything be done well when only a percentage of you is used in completing a task.

  • Often Buddhist monks say, start by being fully present to a small task like brushing your teeth.

Taking phone breaks

  • Go for a walk, keep the phone in another room for short periods, block notifications

Limiting social media

  • A Lot of time that you would dedicate to social media. Keep that limited. Don't let it take over your entire day.

Enjoy your new level of productivity.

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