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From small mind to big mind.

Have you ever realized, our mind is always telling us what to do?

That person is lovely, go talk to her,


This virus really dangerous. We like to characterize these thoughts into BIG MIND and SMALL MIND talk. What do we mean by Small mind?

Thoughts that keep us caught up in what we call the insignificant things and that prevent us from growing or simply feeling good. Small mind asks us questions like ---

  • he or she was rude to me at the supermarket?

  • i sent her/him a beautiful card and she/he didn't reply?

  • my children haven't called in a few days, they don't care about me?

  • this business is doomed?

  • how will I manage this on my own?

Some people may call it negative talk but we prefer calling it Small mind in action.

Every time our mind tricks us into believing that things are not great we can trump it by bringing in our BIG mind into action.

What is the BIG mind after all?

-a mind that wants us to be happy

-a mind that doesn't get caught up in she said this and he said that

-a mind that wants us to make meaningful changes in this world

-a mind that drives creativity. YOU, our reader will rightly ask us.

So how do we activate our big minds?

By being present to this very moment. When we are, wholly and completely in this very moment, then we are conscious of what our mind is saying to us. If the thought is not making you feel good, is raising your heartbeat, making you feel uneasy then it is often your small mind talking. Don't tell yourself off for having it, don't try and stop it. Just observe it and gently stir it towards the big mind. How do we move from a Small mind to Big mind?

  • By practicing warm loving all-encompassing Meditation. Meditation over time helps us become more aware of the present moment.

  • Breathwork. When we breathe consciously we become aware of our thoughts. Create reminders around yourself to take deep breaths and come back to the present moment through the day. eg put a dot on your palm or blank post-its all over the house that will create reminders for you.

  • Start by catching one thought a day, change it from negative to positive. Slowly move on to two and slowly catch as many as you can. Remember never to judge yourself for having that thought.

  • Gratitude as you move through your day. There is so much to be grateful for. Like - a beautiful message from a friend, just getting up feeling light and bouncy, being in good health, having a warm meal, having a pet at home...... when gratitude fills our mind and body, we tend to move smoothly from small to big mind.

Try the above methods. Even one change will send such positive energy through you and the people around you.

-Don't be in a rush.

-Take baby steps.

-Don't forget to appreciate your efforts......when you could actually create the shift from small mind to big mind.

Enjoy the lightness and sense of expansion these small changes will bring in you. More enthusiasm....more creativity...a smile that will refuse to leave you.

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