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Saffron Pistachio Sandesh (a cottage cheese dessert): a guilt-free, quick and easy recipe.

So...we are in Lockdown and supermarket visits are very very limited which means one has to be an efficient planner. That's a tough one.

When I bought 1 liter of milk, it finished in two days and everyone gave me the stares. Hence, I decided to be smarter and buy 2 liters of milk...Its been five days and guess what? There are no takers, one and a half liters still remain and it expires today.

Since its lockdown and we decided that during this time there will be no complaining...I decided to get creative and use the milk to make Sandesh, a dessert made from paneer (cottage cheese).

STEP 1: Making the Paneer

- Bring the milk to a boiling point using a large pot

- Add 1 tbsp of yogurt and 1 quarter tsp of lemon/lime juice to the boiling milk alternately till the milk starts curdling

- Pour the whole curdled mixture through a strainer, allowing the water to completely drain out.

- Leave it to cool down and set well as the last traces of water also drain away.

- Since for Sandesh we don't need perfect cubes of paneer, this should be good enough.

STEP 2: Making the Sandesh

- Once the cottage cheese has cooled down completely, mash it making sure no lumpy bits are remaining.

- Add cardamom powder, some crushed saffron and finally any rock sugar or misri according to your taste. As an alternative, you can use any sugar or jaggery which is available at home in powdered form as it needs to dissolve well in the paneer to prevent it from remaining grainy.

- Finally, make small round balls and decorate them with sliced pistachio or any dry fruit is available at home.

- Keep in the fridge to cool

STEP 3: Enjoy your guilt-free, quick and easy dessert!

Writing this blog took longer than actually making this dessert, it is that quick and easy!

We would love it if you all tried it and send us the pictures. I hope you and your family love this recipe as much as we did.

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