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Taste –pungent

Effect on the body – warming and alkalizing

After digestion taste – sweet


The heat and pungency of the ginger reduces mucus.

Try this intense warming paste which has an ability to break through mucus in throat, nose, and sinuses.

Recipe for reducing mucus.

Ginger turmeric paste ——

Grated ginger juice -4 tsp

Turmeric -1 tsp

Black pepper -1 tsp

Honey -2 tsp

Mix everything and consume over a few hours. Make a bigger batch for the family


The sharpness and the warmth of the ginger stimulates appetite and also helps break down food.

Ginger soaked in lemon juice and salt is a great way to kick start a sluggish digestion. This will break down your food better thus helping in greater assimilation of nutrients in the body. Make a badge for a few days. Cut 2” of ginger into slices. Soak in the juice of 2 lemons and add sea salt. Consume a few pieces of ginger along with the lemon juice before eating. ( lunch and dinner ).


The heat of the ginger increases heart rate and blood flow. When you drink a sip of warm ginger tea, it feels like warmth travels through the body. So on a cold day don’t forget to drop a few slivers of ginger into your warm water.

Make life easy --------

Cut ginger and store in the fridge. Use it in cooking, for tea ( hot water + ginger ), for pastes, etc.

The heating effect of ginger creates greater circulation by dilating the blood vessels thus reducing stagnation.

The oil in the ginger has a great anti-inflammatory effect.


Oils in the ginger have an anti-inflammatory effect on the body.


Consume too much ginger in hot weather or if you are pregnant or generally feel overheated easily


Consume each day and every day.

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