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Butter milk or Takra



Yogurt -2 tbsp

Water-1/2 cup

Cumin- 1/4 tsp

Salt - to taste

First churn the yogurt with water. Add salt and cumin.

You may add mint and coriander leaves, ( chopped finely ) especially in summer months to reduce heat in your body.

Coriander and mint having a cooling effect in our body. ( sometimes we wonder whether Asian food has so much coriander to counterbalance all the chilies)

Start with 1/2 cup and slowly graduate to 1 cup if it suits you.

Properties of Buttermilk according to Ayurveda——— - It is light to digest.

- it is sour in taste which helps to digest food better.

-it is heating for the body, which also assists in breaking down food especially heavy foods like meat, fried, pulses, etc . - it is fermented, so contains healthy bacteria that replenish our gut microbiome.

End the meal with buttermilk, lunch preferably. ( not dinner )

Buttermilk is different from Lassi. Lassi ( eg mango lassi) is thick and heavy for the digestive system unlike buttermilk. Please don’t use it as a replacement for buttermilk.


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