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We got to keep our game up at all times.

When I was in high school - our school went through a phase where we did not have a principal, a school head.

As a head girl of the school, aged 18yrs, I was given the responsibility of managing the students alongside my studies.

What worked then was

  • Motivational words at the beginning and the end of the day.

  • Reminder of basic school discipline …. basic rules and regulations.

  • Using the public announcement system to address immediate issues.


Today I am 49yrs of age. I understand that my whole being, my family, home thrives when my own Body and Mind are well managed.

So Just as an 18-yr old, I choose to

  • Begin and end my day with words full of motivation Gratitude, words that come from space of love and not, faith and not fear.

  • I create self-discipline with daily morning and night rituals.

  • I use my personal announcement system…my MIND to send out positive messages through the day to keep the tempo going.

  • When any negative emotions decide to show up in the day, I try to breathe into them, step back, observe what is happening to me, remind myself that it is a passing emotion, accept its presence and move on with the day. Whenever I have resisted, these emotions have persisted. On the other hand, whenever every cell in my being has accepted them as visiting guests…. the negative emotions have moved on.


I am the head girl leading every single cell in my body like the students at school. They look up to me for direction…. I got to keep my game up.

Please join the Trihealers as we learn and master small daily rituals, techniques and attitudes to keep our game up.

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