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Updated: May 2, 2020

Yoga teaches us to honour and accept our bodies and it’s suggestions to us. It prompts us to practice this honour off the matt and into out daily lives.

Acceptance is an attitude or a Bhava* that is associated with meditative postures* in Yoga. It is, thus, suggested that we begin our practice with a meditative posture which conditions or prepares our body and mind for the practice .

We could do this by sitting or standing in any meditative posture and closing our eyes. Following this by just observing our body , paying attention to every breath and being conscious of our current state of mind with complete acceptance (no judgements) of how we feel in the moment.

What you could silently say is,  “I wholeheartedly accept and honour the way I feel in this moment and it is alright to feel the way I feel

What you resist will continue to persist. Only when you accept whatever is within you , expansion in your practice and growth in your life will take place. This is because acceptance brings a sense of ease and comfort which also gives rise to creativity.

Karma Yoga also talks about accepting oneself with all our shortcomings. Accepting people as they are, situations as they play out and finally acceptance of the universal process.

Acceptance is Yoga and Yoga is acceptance . 

List of meditative posture 

Lotus ( padmasana ) pose / half lotus ( ardhapadmasana ) poseStanding prayer pose ( sthitaprarthanasan )Comfortable pose ( sukhasana )Sitting on the heels ( vajrasana ) / thunderbolt poseButterfly pose ( bhadrasana )Adept’s pose ( siddhasana)

*Bhava is the feeling or the attitude which accompanies a posture during our practice. Regular and repeated practice of the postures along with the right attitude slowly enhances the accompanying Bhava into our personality.

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