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Work With Us 

Our Areas of Focus 

These are the main areas of focus that we dedicate our work towards

Building Immunity 

A key factor ensuring our health in today's day and age 

Dinacharya, Daily Routines

Creating a simple daily routine to suit your unique body type and ensure long term welbeing


Ensuring that you sail through this period of life with the help of Yoga and an Ayurvedic lifestyle 

Gut Health

Making you aware that gut health controls almost every other function in the body and how you can nurture it well 

Stress Management 

Helping you understand the root cause of your stress and managing it better 

Suryanamaskara, Meditation and Pranayamas

Creating a strong body, joyful spirit and a mind that is under your control and not vice versa

Covid Care and Recovery

Understanding the unique impact of Covid on your body and treating you accordingly 


Ensuring you are including practices that lead to experiencing good quality and quantity of sleep

Breast Health

Nurturing good breast health through massages, packs, asanas and breathing .


Guiding you to help yourself or your teen cultivate mental and physical strength, improve focus and clarity, be able to live in the present, and give their 100%

Disease Management 

Using exercise, food ,good daily routines and the right attitude to reduce the impact of disease and minimise its long term affect

Weight Management 

Understanding the root cause of weight gain or loss and then guiding you through, daily routine, yoga/ exercise , food and the right attitude to regulate it. 

How Can You Work With Us 

Group Classes and Workshops

Individual Consultations 


First Consulation 

  • This will be about understanding your unique body type and your areas of concern. We take a detailed history of your present and past health isuues and your current lifestyle .


Follow up sessions

  • We make suggestions based on lifestyle changes , herbs , pranayama and meditation, yoga postures , building the right attitude ; all keeping in mind your unique body type and your current imbalance. 

  • Detailed explaination is substantiated with videos of the practices. 


  • Single sessions - 60 pounds 

  • Six week package - 300 pounds 

You become part of the Trihealers community and we are always there for you, beside you.

WhatsApp Image 2021-04-16 at 10.00.12.jpeg

Group energy always works wonders 
Communities also create the perfect blend of motivation and support. 
Many of us thrive with the right amount of a group nudge and push. 

  • If you can bring together a group ( even 4 or 5 in number) we have a myriad of workshops on the above topics to offer.

  • We also offer corporate workshops so do get in touch through the Contact Us Page 

  • Pricing can be discussed with us

"Yoga with Kavita is incomparable. Kavita is a great instructor who takes you through the physical & spiritual aspects of Yoga with such love, enlightenment, & contagious enthusiasm. After every class, I felt more empowered & in touch with my senses. Kavita teaches from the heart & soul."


- On Group Yoga, Breathing and Meditation Classes 

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